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UV-Blaze - бактерицидные излучатели

— Air conditioner + UV irradiator —

06 мая 2024 г.
Air conditioner + UV irradiator

It's already hot outside, so we start using air conditioning. At the same time, we close the windows and doors tightly.
There are many people in the room and no ventilation.

As a result, all the droplets and aerosols are quickly carried by the air flow from the air conditioner throughout the room, reducing social distancing to zero. Moreover, the concentration of pollutants (measles, tuberculosis, etc.) is constantly increasing. The increase is due to the fact that air conditioners take in the air of the room, cool it down and return it back to the same room.

Ventilation in the heat will not cool the air either, so in practice, the use of natural ventilation in hot weather is ineffective.

So, in this situation, air disinfection is effective. Air disinfection should be carried out with special devices that constantly work in the presence of people - UV bactericidal shielded irradiators.

UV-BLAZE UVBs are exactly what you need. They disinfect the upper part of the room with a directed stream of bactericidal UV radiation.
And the operation of the air conditioner, which ensures constant air circulation, increases its disinfection efficiency by several times.

The technologies used by UV-BLAZE allow us to protect people and give no chance to the virus.
UV-BLAZE shielded UVBFs are safe for people and are merciless to viruses and pathogens in the air. UV-BLAZE shielded UVBFs operate 24/7 in the presence of people and are 100% compliant with the requirements of Order 882 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the norms, rules and recommendations for the use of UVBFs.

Call the infection control specialists of UV-BLAZE if you need to

- choose the right shielded UVB irradiator;
- consult on the arrangement of an effective air disinfection system;
- measure the intensity of UVB radiation;
- buy a UVBO for air disinfection.

Buy a UV irradiator, get a consultation here:
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