UV-Blaze - бактерицидные излучатели
UV-Blaze - бактерицидные излучатели

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What is the delivery time of UV-BLAZE fixtures?

Shipment the next day after payment by carrier "New Post"

Why are there no fans in the fixture?

Fans are installed in another type of UVGI fixtures - recirculators. We manufacture upper room UVGI fixtures that permanently disinfect the upper part of the room. This design has a proven effectiveness and is recommended by the CDC, WHO for the prevention of airborne infections.

What kind of germicidal lamps are used in UV-BLAZE fixtures?

Philips / Osram ozone-free UV lamps. Wavelength 253.7 nm

Are UV-BLAZE fixtures safe for indoor use in the presence of people?

The effectiveness of this type of UVGI fixtures has been confirmed by preclinical study protocols, conclusions of sanitary expertise, and registration as a medical device. International infection control experts have also recognized their effectiveness.

What is recommended mode of UVGI fixtures operation for air desinfection?

Operating mode - all the time people are in the premises. Designed for round-the-clock operation.
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