UV-Blaze - бактерицидные излучатели
UV-Blaze - бактерицидные излучатели

— UV-BLAZE 180W —

габарит: h=1155 мм
вес: 20 кг
площадь: до 180 м.куб. / 70 м2
цена: 25000 грн

The mobile open irradiator UV-BLAZE 180W (6x30W) is designed for quick disinfection of surfaces and rooms, both with a limited and large area. It is widely used in hospitals, maternity hospitals, clinics, sports complexes, sanatoriums, warehouses, spas and swimming pools. All UV-BLAZE products have passed preclinical tests and have 100% proven effectiveness. Effective in the fight against infectious diseases, pathogens, etc. It is used without the presence of people.
Attention: When using mobile open irradiators, it is necessary to comply with applicable sanitary standards and regulations.


  • Type of irradiator UV-BLAZE 180W (6x30W) - mobile open, 6-lamp (included)
  • Equipment: Osram UV lamps
  • Useful life of bactericidal lamps (nominal) - 9000 hours
  • Equipped with an "on/off" button
  • Electric wire with plug (three-core) - 10 m
  • Parts (structures) for cable winding - 2 brackets
  • Meets the requirements of Order 882 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Used without the presence of people and animals
  • The UV-BLAZE 180W irradiator is certified, has passed preclinical tests and is a medical device
  • Easy to operate
  • The mains voltage is 220V, the irradiator power is 180 W
  • Buy a mobile open irradiator - by pre-order
  • Places of installation: hospitals, clinics, maternity hospitals, sanatoriums, spas, swimming pools, gyms, kindergartens, warehouses, etc.


  • Additional options: consultations on the choice of a mobile open-type irradiator, support, monitoring and laboratory measurements of the efficiency of ultraviolet lamps during operation
  • Guaranteed prompt replacement (!) of any failed device
  • Free delivery in Ukraine
  • Manufacturer's warranty for 1 year





According to the design features and mechanism of action, open, shielded and closed irradiators are distinguished.

Open UV ir radiators are suitable for disinfecting air and surfaces as an additional method in combination with others. They are used without the presence of people.

Shielded irradiators with l ouvers (such as UV-BLAZE) are recommended for use in rooms where there is a risk of airborne infections or in rooms where aerosol-generating procedures are performed. They are used 24/7 and in the presence of people.

The use of shielded UV irradiators is recommended by the CDC and WHO.

Recirculators (closed irradiators ) are not recommended for indoor air disinfection. The main reason is too low efficiency, impossibility of adequate maintenance, formation of a "short" circuit (small radius of action, which corresponds to a single air exchange and below, which is a very small indicator), etc.

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